TIP - Alliance

TIP - Alliance

TIP-Alliance. NEW Packaging Formation. Dynamic constellation goes LIVE 01.06.2023.

TIP-Alliance has recently been founded as an international Group of Packaging Suppliers.

TIP-Alliance stands for: The International Packaging Alliance. The Group members so far represent the countries Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Greenland.      Founding packaging companies are STOK K/S, Nöjd AB and H. Clausen.
“It is with great pleasure that we have appointed Mira Nöjd-Nägele as the first TIP-Alliance CEO. Mira will be in front of the day-to-day management and be well supported by all the excellent people at both STOK and Nöjd”, informs Chairman Jens Sørensen to whom Mira Nöjd-Nägele will be reporting. TIP-Alliance has the ambition to become one of the biggest top formations within the International Packaging Industry covering an extensive number of countries.

TIP - Alliance

We have already identified the first essential “Focus Fields” on our paper, Mira Nöjd-Nägele concludes. We will be bundling purchase activities and exchanging expertise between companies in-depth. We strongly believe that together we are stronger and can exceed our own individual goals with our combined power.
Mira Nöjd-Nägele, CEO

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